Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Margaret Ewing

Margaret Ewing, the SNP MSP, has died. I feel really quite saddened by that, it is always sad when a true fighter for their country dies.

I met her once when I was doing a school newspaper and she was gracious and funny in the interview she gave. She gave me the time she would give a proper journalist, with no obvious benefit to her.

Scotland has lost a true champion.

Update: Typical of the SNP though - the Tories have a nice comment from Annabel Goldie, whereas the SNP comment has been "she had been ill for some time". Oh well then. That's ok then.

Shooting Dogs

A new film about the Rwandan Genocide will be released on 31 March. It is moving, harrowing, brilliantly acted and produced and completely unmissable.

Go see it. You won't have a fun night out, but you will be moved beyond belief.

Details of its release can be found at:

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am Sam - Apparently

The idealistic speechwriter is well-liked by just about everyone. He's known for his excellent writing, sense of humor, and tendency to be clutzy. Although being younger than the rest of the staff, he's often treated as so, much to his dismay.

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::

Monday, March 13, 2006

Make up your mind

Alex Salmond is standing for the Holyrood elections next year, despite being a Westminster MP. He really should make up his mind what he wants to be - a big fish in a little murky pond, or a little fish in a big pond. His continual flip-flopping about does nothing to help his Party or his own reputation. Even more importantly, he is clearly blase about the needs of his constituents - seeing them as a means to a more successful end. Someone in the SNP should really sit him down and talk to him about this. There is sometimes a positive need for men in grey suits.

Let this be a warning to Phil Gallie who is considering stepping down from Holyrood to concentrate on a campaign for Europe. There comes a time in everyone's political career when they have to accept it has either come to its natural end and its time to go away quietly, or it has settled nicely in one particular area and its just vanity that prompts a continual wish to keep changing direction.