Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sensory Deprivation Torture At Work in Leatherhead

A few of us went out for dinner in Leatherhead last night to a little Spanish restaurant, it's not fancy, it's not brilliant but it's nice enough and quite cheap. The evening would have been great had it not been for the table of screaming harpies behind us. The volume was unbearable and proof that all the CIA needs to use in the torture chambers of Guantanemo Bay is 10 middle class Surrey women who have been drinking cheap plonk. It was horrendous. Probably more anti-social than someone chatting on a mobile phone (until last night my pet restaurant peeve).

The thing that really annoyed me though was that if it had been a table of 10 guys in their teens/20s making that noise the waiter would have been over in a shot to shut them up but because they were middle age and middle class somehow their anti-social behaviour was acceptable.

It wasn't and they ruined a perfectly good night out.

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Chris said...

More terrifying is that I'm not sure all of them were women...