Friday, February 23, 2007

Idiot Personality Tests

Wow! Just how wrong can one test be? It must be because I answered that the ink-blot looked like an ink-blot to me! And that the idiots in the painted faces and hoodies just looked stupid.

I won't link to it because it was just so wrong - only one was even close to being right. And that I'll leave to you to guess.....

Personality test v3.0
Developed and programmed by the Cleveleys institute of higher learning (C)

RESULT for current user
February 23, 2007
You are- Beta Seven

You are a natural extrovert with manic tendancies.
You never look to others for support.
You are the sort of person who can enjoy solitude, but thrives in a relationship.
You often look back to your childhood as a time when you were unhappy.

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