Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time to close Chessington Zoo

The foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey has led to part of Chessington World of Adventure's "petting zoo" being closed and included in the exclusion zone.

Let's take this opportunity to close what to me appears to be an entirely cruel animal hell-hole. I've visited Chessington Zoo once and I was brought to tears at the sight of the animals in their enclosures. A "family" of lions was in a pretty small area, not much bigger than the office I work in, and since when is a natural family unit of lions a male lion, one lioness and two cubs? Visitors are also subjected to the patronising spin on their signs telling us that the pacing and excessive grooming is natural behaviour. No it's not - it's abnormal and it's caused by their imprisonment.

I'm dubious about the role of zoos at all but Chessington is the worst I have ever seen, the animals in this zoo are nothing more than features in a theme park, kept behind glass to keep the visitors happy while they queue for the more exciting rides. I can see no conservation or education value whatsoever. In my opinion it's time to close it down.

Visit the Born Free Foundation website for more information on Zoos in the UK.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

I went their when I was posted in Blandford as a troop day out back in 1993 and it was bad back then.
The worst zoo I have ever visited was Belfast Zoo, small enclosures, and the animals looked depressed. The best was I forgot its name the big Safari park beside Bath. The best thing would be if the governments around the world could get together and ensure all animals were safe in their own envoironment. I have stopped buying Japanese goods after their refusal to stop killing Dolphins and whales, the way they herd the dolphins and butcher them is barbaric.

PPs start an online petition with the government to get the animals removed from Chessington. Forward it to the press then us bloggers to pass on. It does work.And you will get a response from the government.

PJP said...

Funny to read this having been to Whipsnade zoo very recently.

Whipsnade zoo is fantastic at breeding very endagered species which I believe is a worthy purpose for existing. At the same time it has very large enclosures for its animals and obviously look after them well.