Saturday, July 22, 2006

Feeling Guilty

I've just phoned the RSPCA to complain about the neighbour's dog being chained up outside in a thunder storm. I know it was the right thing to do, but there's part of me that feels really guilty. I've never been a tell-tale, and I tend to dislike people who are, but we've thought for a while that there was a problem with the way the dog is treated eg it was left outside for hours on bonfire night with fireworks going off all around.

Despite knowing of various misdemenours of other people this is only the second time I have ever reported someone to an authority. The first time was when a friend drove off having downed more than a bottle of wine. That time I got the third degree from the police on why hadn't I stopped her and how much had I had to drink. I felt guilty for weeks afterwards, even though I knew I had done the right thing. I feel guilty now, but not as guilty as I would if anything happened to the dog.

But honestly - I'm not usually a grass.

UPDATE: The RSPCA came out - and the dog is apparently happy, healthy and has a waggy tail. Am I sure it was out in the rain as it had a dry coat? Am I sure it is left out often? So I now feel half guilty and half annoyed. Still, if a visit from the RSPCA makes them think twice about leaving out in a storm next time then its worth it. But for the second time I've felt the need to report someone to the authorities I feel like the guilty party.


Irish Church Lady :) said...

You did the right thing. Poor animals and kids. Someone has to fend for them.

Have a good w'end!

Paul Burgin said...

But look at it this way, how guilty would you feel if you didn't call the police on those two occasions. It's not something you natrually do and you acted out of consideration of others. Many bottle out of doing that and then face harsh consequence. You did well!

Louise said...

Thanks Irish Church Lady & Paul. Part of me still feels really bad -but not as bad as I did when the rain was bouncing off the ground and the dog was outside crying....