Monday, January 08, 2007

Fortune - Million Pound Giveaway

Over Christmas and New Year we recorded a hell of a lot of films and TV programmes (God Bless Sky+). We're now getting down to the serious business of watching them all - well, it's January who can afford a social life?

So last night we watched one of the DVDs we had recorded from last week's TV. And found the campest, funniest, trashiest TV programme ever. Fortune - Million Pound Giveaway where plebs beg five rich people for money. It was brilliant. Perhaps the best telly programme ever, but in a really bad way.

The first bloke on was an ex-fatty who needs £5,000 for a tummy tuck, and we got to see the tummy that needs the tucking. Blurgh. Then the heartstrings got a good tugging by the 11 year old former cancer sufferer who wanted money to buy a caravan for sick children and their families to have a holiday. I cried. I was laughed at....

It's just a nightmare, like Dragon's Den but 300 rungs down the ladder of taste and decency.

I'm hooked.

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Ellee said...

If you read Jeffrey Archer's blog about it, he has had a thoroughly good time. One of our local schoolboys successfully bid for some money too for cancer research, he was a sufferer himself and has swum 1 mile, and he's only 11. I must admit I have not tuned in to this, even though the producer, Simon Shaps, worked with me at the Cambridge News, he was a very quiet chap, I was surprised to hear he had such a top job.