Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheney Story Rumbles On

When I first heard about Dick Cheney shooting someone on the hunting trip I laughed - I mean, how much sympathy can you have for a Republican lawyer? But at the end of the day I saw it as an accident and mostly ignored it for a couple of days. The American press have gone psycho on it though. Poor Scott McLellan (and who would ever thought I would say that?!) has been bitch-slapped something chronic about this. Just because the press didn't know immediately.

In Britain we're used to a lively press, but not ones who would get so wound up by not knowing about something like that for 18 hours. Even if they were pissed off, I doubt it would rumble on for a week. Our glorious Deputy PM punched someone during a General Election campaign and the story died within a couple of days.

The transcripts are great though. Have a look.

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