Monday, February 27, 2006

Violin Lesson

Had my first violin lesson at the weekend after finally finding a teacher who could squeeze me in for half an hour a week. Was very nervous but enjoyed it a lot. Am now very enthusiastic - ready for my debut at the Albert Hall.

There's no particular reason for learning other than it's something I fancied doing. And D got me a violin for Christmas to force me into it. Much less pressure than when I was learning percussion instruments at school. The cool kids at our school all hung around the music department and I desperately wanted to be in that gang. But no pressures, no-one to impress other than myself now. And I think that makes it easier.

There was a kid about 10 just finishing his lesson before me, his music looked terrifying - all squiggles and dots and so on. The teacher was impressing onto him not to let anyone rush him or hurry him. The more I thought about it, the more it made me sad. I'm 30, have a responsible job, some money concerns and family issues, but there is a 10 year old kid with more stress than me in some minor shared aspect of our lives. I felt very old, and very sorry for him.

Still, must keep practising.

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