Monday, May 22, 2006

Surely Not True

Iain Dale's blog has a story today about Cherie Blair and Alistair Campbell signing a copy of the Hutton Report for auction at a Labour Party fundraiser.

One of the most shameful incidents of this sleazy Government's time in office and the Labour Party have reduced it to a jokey fundraising method.

Must be categorised under "Too Crass to be True", I just find difficulty in believing that it really happened.

For those who don't know all about Hutton, visit the BBC website:


Anonymous said...

Also on the BBC site now. Do a google search for "hutton report" and it's there as news.

Really disgusting. (I've also edited Cherie's entry on Wikipedia to include it).

Curly said...

Oh it's true allright, better sign the online petition, or better still, email Blair with your thoughts.