Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Muslim PM?

Tony Blair has stated in an interview with the Sun that there may one day be a Muslim Prime Minister. Apparently "the people would judge who was best for the job". Admirable sentiments Tony. And I have no doubts that once the current hysteria about Muslims dies down more Muslim politicians will reach the higher echelons of their parties. It may be that one day down the line one of the two main Parties will have a Muslim leader.

What about a Catholic PM then Tony? If it's up to the people to choose whether or not a Muslim is good enough for the job then why not PM? While there is no bar to a Catholic being Prime Minister there has never been a Catholic Prime Minister and objections still exist to such a move. Will Tony Blair say publicly he thinks there will one day be a Catholic Prime Minister? Will he publicly support amendments to the Act of Settlement allowing the monarch or heir to marry a Catholic - as they can currently marry Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs etc?

If you are going to publicly state that one day there will be a PM from one religion, why not ensure that the message goes out that any office in the land is open to anyone from any religion?


Anonymous said...

What is ISLAM and who are the MUSLIMS? -

Chris Palmer said...

This would suggest that Tony Blair has beliefs (which he clearly does not,) so it's never going to happen.

Sham said...

Sound points Louise,

I remember a lot of loons ranting and raving when Michael Martin became the first Catholic speaker.

Imagine what they'd do if we got a Catholic PM, or if Wills were to marry a Catholic!

Ellee said...

Good point, but doesn't Blair follow Catholocism to a certain extent?