Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Search Term Answers

Some of the strange search terms that have led people here have baffled me - eg how many people choke to death on nerds? However one question I can answer.

"Why did George Orwell use s's instead of z's in animal farm?"

Easy - because he was writing in English and not American. It's the proper spelling of words.

Organisation not organization!

One of my pet peeves is the creeping use of American spelling in documents. I spend half my life (ok an exaggeration) going through documents sent to me and correcting the spelling into the Queen's English.

Why that question led anyone here, I have no idea, but if they come back again I'm delighted to have provided the answer.


Ellee said...

Why doesn't spellcheck sort it out - even the English variation!

Bel said...

The most amusing search term on my blog has been 'how to claim compensation for cold turkey'.

I wonder whether they found the answers.

D said...

I think they are referring to nerds as a type of sweet (and it's not at all nerdy to know that). They're minging.