Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Joy of Wikipedia

I'm bored at work so wikipedia-d the town I live in and a couple around it. The Leatherhead entry is fairly standard, telling me little I didn't know - other porn star Ben Dover apparently lives near me!

The Dorking entry however is a joy. It starts so much like the Leatherhead entry - then, just at the end of the article, it becomes a work of double entendre genius:

"Councillor Maltby's big fat cock

In 2005, Mole Valley District Councillor Neil Maltby hatched a plan to put Dorking on the map - what if every visitor to the town had the privilege of seeing an enormous cock? It took him more than a year to prepare, but by December 2006, the councillor was sounding confident. "I would hope it will be up in the second half of January or early February.", he told the Dorking Advertiser. "It looks wonderful." By early 2007 Malby's cock was hard as steel in readiness for a public erection in February, as promised. The gleaming 10-foot cock was unveiled in front of a 100-strong crowd. Although initially controversial, many Dorking residents are quite proud of their giant cock, and can sometimes be heard boasting about it."

For more on the serious issue of the Dorking Cock see Chris's blog here and here (for the full photographic experience).

Well - that amusingly distracted me from Excel for a few minutes.....

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