Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Am Confussed

For some reason I have been reading the statistical analysis of the Glasgow Shettleston constituency for the elections in a couple of weeks. Great bloke standing for the SNP :-) Anyway among all the usual guff there was a section on how people get to work and the categories?

By Public Transport - aye
By car - aye
By motorbike/bicycle/on foot - aye
Other - Whit? What other methods are there? and how can 4.4% of the Shettleston workforce be using them? Helicopters aren't much cop down the Shettleston Road and would heelies not count as going on foot?

Any help in letting me know what other could possibly be would be most welcome. Otherwise my brain will continue to hurt.


Anonymous said...

Are you really confusSed?

Louise said...

Indeed I am confusSed.

So confused it's causing me to be fussed.

I'm not as dumb as you look....