Monday, April 23, 2007

Has Salmond Slain the Business Dragon?

For as long as I can remember one of the biggest arguments against independence has been that Scotland couldn't go it alone and that businesses would desert Scotland creating a business-free zone. Alex Salmond has clearly spent a lot of time and effort in courting the business community - and presumably upset some of the more leftie elements of the SNP in doing so - and this is now paying dividends. Today the SNP announced that 100 business men and women had signed up to the following statement:

"Scotland can be more successful. That is why we are supporting Alex Salmond and the SNP on May 3."

Looking at the list there seems to be a mix of small and large businesses and I wonder if Salmond has finally slain the dragon of lack of business support?

As someone from the right of the political spectrum this is something which is really quite encouraging - no longer are the SNP viewing the business community with suspicion instead there is now a recognition that a strong independent Scotland must have its own strong and successful business community. I look forward to the SNP continuing with its campaign of drawing in all elements of Scottish life in its efforts.

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