Saturday, April 28, 2007

Scientists for the Union

Ok, apparently 61 scientists have declared their support for the Union. Good for them. Like the rest of us they are entitled to their opinion.

The story claims that if Scotland becomes an independent nation its position as an inventive nation would be jeopardised. Scotland has three of the world's top 200 universities (I'm assuming Glasgow is one of them - all the best people go there :-) ) but it seems that this wouldn't be the case after independence.


Would independence cause all Scottish academics to lose their brains? Would Scottish scientists lose their knowledge of the periodic table? Would the microscopes in Scottish labs be taken back to England on the submarines carrying Trident?

It's a pathetic argument. Argue from a principled position - don't scare-monger. Let's not pretend that Scottish independence will cause a leaking of IQ points. It won't. The cultural arguments for the Union are strong - despite being a member of the SNP I have a great deal of attachment to the Union, I love the Royal Family - the thought of a republic horrifies me. I think unionists have exceptionally strong emotional, cultural, economic, political and historical arguments. They aren't using them. They're being negative and demeaning the intelligence and talents of the people of Scotland.

Labour are getting desperate. They know it's time.

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