Friday, May 11, 2007

A sensible agreement

Its been announced that the SNP and the Green Party have entered into formal agreement which falls somewhat short of full coalition. To my way of thinking this is a GOOD THING. I'm suspicious of coalitions, people either have to lose too much of their own policies or a minor party gains far too much influence based on their vote share. Why should the fourth party have had the Deputy First Minister-ship in the past? This agreement acknowledges the support of the Green Party and offers benefits without losing the control that a party needs in Government.

I hope that this is enough to secure an SNP administration, but I still feel a bit concerned about the likliehood of a grand Unionist agreement.

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BellgroveBelle said...

We're probably better off without the Fib Dems anyway - they'll only screw us over in the end! They've been awful for playing both opposition and government.

The Tories have maintained that they won't enter a coalition, and so far the Fibs have said they're not going to go in with Labour either... it might end up messy, but at least it'll be different.