Monday, May 21, 2007

(Techni) Colour me unimpressed

Has Andrew Lloyd Webber lost his mind?

How could he kick out Daniel -granted I want Lee to win and have since the audition stages but to choose Lewis over Daniel was just stupid, particularly as in the sing-off Daniel totally sold "Bring HIm Home" - one of the hardest songs in the musicals - while Lewis really struggled.

It's like that useless bird from Maria all over again. Andrew gets his favourites and dumps the good ones to keep them in. Unfair.

Still - I would say that Lee's only serious competition has now gone so that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

ALW lost his mind LONG ago...

Ellee said...

I never watched Maria, but I have seen a couple of episodes of this latest series. I agree that the singer who was booted out was superb.
Is Lee the guy with curly hair? I saw him the first week.

Louise said...

Lee is indeed the one with the curly hair and the twinkliest eyes and cutest smile - I'm smitten.