Thursday, June 14, 2007

Born Free

Having seen the news about the CITES agreement on the Ivory Trade and wanting to blog on it I immediately turned to the Born Free Foundation website. And wow - what a transformation. Soooo much more attractive and responsive than their old website.

I will be back with more on the Ivory Trade agreement and my thoughts on that - but in the mean time do pop into Born Free and find out more about their work. Also have a look at the Chief Exec's Blog.

Fantastic people, fantastic job.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I've been following the CEO's blog throughout the CITES conference. They do great work.
Question is, can we all stop buying products from China, start checking labels and send a strong message to China that we will not allow the continued massacre of these animals for ivory through illegal poaching organized by the Chinese mob and quietly supported by the corrupt government.
So can we all buy our products other countries and contact stores that are carrying a lot of made in China products and tell them to find alternative vendors or we will not shop there.
We need to send a very strong message and get way more awareness going.