Friday, June 15, 2007

Craig Was Robbed!

I have become utterly addicted to Britain's Got Talent. Partly because - as it turns out - Britain really doesn't have very much talent.

The semi-finals are now on, and tonight the baton-twirling Craig was knocked out. In favour of a bloody sqwaking child who people voted for because the country is too damn sentimental to tell children that they're really just a little bit rubbish. I enjoyed Craig's baton twirling show and found it much more entertaining than the precocious nonsense that got through.

Of course, having defended Craig, the winner really does have to be Paul Potts.

I swear if a brattish child beats this guy I will have a hissy fit.

1 comment:

PJP said...

I agree 100% and I am equally addictecd.

If Paul Potts does not win it will be a travesty of justice!