Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Obnoxious Chelsea

On our way to Hampton Court Palace on Sunday we passed the Chelsea training ground in Cobham. On the fence there is a sign which says "Attention. Footballers will not give autographs here" (Or something similarly obnoxious. It set me off on a rant, and three days later I'm still stewing over it.

Why won't footballers give autographs? Why can't they take the time to spend perhaps half an hour a day signing autographs for fans, particularly children.

Footballers are highly paid, highly adored - yet they won't spend time with their fans. I'm not totally opposed to the high pay that footballers get, the market allows it and the clubs are private businesses who should be allowed to pay the going rate. As long as everyone pays their taxes then how much any companies pay their employees doesn't bother me at all.

But when these highly paid footballers can't take time out of their days to sign a few autographs for fans. Or as they're otherwise known - the people who pay the wages. The folk who spend hundreds of pounds a year on season tickets (£330 for the cheapest child's season ticket at Chelsea) or £25 on an infant's kit, the same again on the away infant's kit and then there's the £6.99 for the scarf and £5.99 for the cap. Oh and the range of DVDs, clocks, pictures, soft furnishings.... you get the picture.

Fans spends a hell of a lot of money on football clubs. The least they can expect is a little appreciation in return.


Chris said...

You've really investigated this in quite some detail! And you have a very good point.

Ellee said...

They don't deserve to have any fans, they think they are God's gift, they are grossly over-paid and often totally arrogant. If only they knew how much pleasure a few minutes of their time gives to their fans, they should remember what it felt like to be young and keen.