Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I like about myself

From Denise's challenge.

I hope these are all true, if some waver I hope I at least aspire to be or do these things.

1. I have strong opinions about many things - political, social and nonsensical.

2. My interests encompass many areas - I'm not too serious about life, but it's not all a joke either.

3. I care about what happens in the world - not just in my own life.

4. Although flying terrifies me, I will never let it stop me going on a great holiday.

5. I have a job that I like a lot and I care about doing it well.

6. I am generally very happy in my life and have a great home life.

7. I am a good friend - and even if I don't call, email or write for such a long time I will always be your friend and will always be there for you.

8. How much I love reading - sad, but it's a key part of my life and I like it.

9. My nose - don't laugh, I like it, even though it was broken about 20 years ago and has a bump.

10. How I feel as though, having hit 30, I am starting to do more with my life which I would have been scared to do 5/6 years ago eg learning the violin. Still have some way to go - but I will learn to ride a horse and scuba dive too.

11. The holidays I go on - probably a shallow thing to like about yourself, but I'm glad that we are able to go on nice holidays. I want to go back to Barbados.

12. I have never been in fashion. If I have ever worn anything fashionable it has been completely accidental.

13. More things in my life make me smile than make me upset.

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Kathy said...

To your first three, I agree and it is actually the reason I did my list the way I did this week.
To #4, I don't like flying either but like you, I'll not let it stop a good trip.
To #5, I say work at what you love. I wish I had addd that to my list. It's great that you love your job.
To # 6, 7, 8, and 9, I'll say "me too!" (except my nose hasn't been broken)
To 10, wait until you're 58 like me.
# 11, Lucky you!
#12, I love fashion.
#13, another me too!

MommyBa said...

I think flying is still the safest way to travel :)

Great list! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Thursday!

Tink said...

Wonderful list, congratulations on being you!
My TT is about birthday facts this week.

Carmen said...

I think you have a lot of good things about yourself! :)

Denise said...

Great list! Thanks for participating!

Caylynn said...

Very nice list. :) I love reading too - I have to read every night before bed in order to fall asleep!

Chaotic Mom said...

I think that having a job you like so much is KEY. Good for you! ;)

And good for you for sticking to your opinions, too. Sounds like you've put some thought into them.

Ghost said...

It's so great to get to know you through this meme. #8 is something I particularly like.

Great List and Have a Happy!

Ellee said...

Not sure if my last comment was posted or if it got lost somehow.

Just to say keep up with the music, I started learning the clarinet a short while ago, learning to read music from scratch. And I did my PADI 1 too in the South of France, would love to do more scuba diving in the Red Sea, but perhaps not the best place at the moment.

K T Cat said...

#12 made me laugh. :-)

My TT is up.

Knitting Maniac said...

Excellent list!!!

Thanks for stopping by mine!

Chelle Y. said...

I is great that you love your job. It makes going to work so much tolerable! :)

I played too.

BecK said...

HI nice to meet you!
#12 is me too! I never try I just go for something comfy and cute...I never did conform to what's approriate!
thanks for stopping by my tt!

Nadiah Alwi said...

#5 sounds like me :D

Enjoy the job, enjoy TT...

Thanks for visiting my list :D

Francesca Gray said...

I think that courage developes as one gets older. Even 5 years ago I would never have gone to another country with no money for 8 weeks! There again, maybe I'm not brave just stupid, lol! My son reckons that I am living my life backwards.

Jenny Ryan said...

Great list! Way to go on acknowledging so many wonderful things about yourself :)