Friday, September 15, 2006

Well Done Madrid

A big well done to the organisers of Madrid fashion week who have taken the bold and brave step of banning waif-like models from the show this year. More here.

The Spanish Association of Fashion Designers has become the first major fashion organisation to recognise the problems caused by the constant use of stick-thin, anorexic-looking models in their showm. Women, and especially young women and girls, should be encouraged as often as possible to build their self-esteem (as should men and boys!) but far too often the people who are held up to us as role models do more to damage self worth than aid it. Every time a major fashion show uses some girl who should be in hospital being treated for malnutrition as a symbol of beauty and aspiration they are sending out the message that unhealthy appearances are in fact beautiful.

This is not to say that some very thin models aren't naturally skinny and aren't beautiful. I always thought that Jodie Kidd was a particularly beautiful model, even though she has described herself as a "bag of bones". But how many of these girls are making themselves skinny through poor eating, and more worryingly, high drug use?

I accept totally that fashion designers want to make their clothes look as attractive as possible - but why does that include modelling them on girls whose ribs are showing through the clothes? Surely a good way to sell clothes is to make them attractive to the women who will buy them - the majority of us not skinny girls.

So, well done Madrid. Hopefully we'll hear of more of the same from other fashion shows.

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Ellee said...

I totally agree, I have written about this in the last couple of weeks when Madrid made the first ban. I saw some waif like models on the lunchtime news and they looked seriously ill, they should have a medical before they go on the catwalk.