Friday, November 24, 2006

10 Things I would Never Do

Paul has tagged me again - this time with the Iain Dale challenge of coming up with ten things I would never do.

In no particular order

1. Vote BNP
2. Bungee Jump
3. Take illegal drugs
4. Audition for the X-Factor - could live without the humiliation, I know I can't sing
5. Work for the Conservative Party (again!)
6. Eat celery - it is indeed Devil's food
7. Live without books - a week in the Big Brother house would be hell for so many reasons, but mostly because I couldn't read
8. Become a vegetarian - love meat and could never be that smug
9. EVER, EVER, EVER willingly carry an ID card
10. Say never to most things - including one or two of the above.....

Again, I won't tag anyone but let me know if you take part.

1 comment:

Ellee said...

I have the BNP one listed too, and was going to add vegetarian as No 11. There could have been many more.