Thursday, November 02, 2006

Celeb Spotting-Tastic

I'm such a A-list star spotter.

Monday night at King's Cross there was Don Warrington once of Rising Damp, now of Grumpy Old Men.

Then yesterday at King's Cross again, Suranne Jones ex of Corrie, looking very pretty it must be said.

Beat that Chris House.


Ellee said...

My Nerd score was a worrying 20.

We saw Gail Tilsey, from Corrie, at the airport once, she was heading for the south of France, while we were going Euro Camp, I think she might have been a little bit more upmarket. You wouldn't believe how tiny she was.

If I am out with my sons and see a celeb, I always get excited which really embarrasses them, they are always so cool.

Louise said...

Actually, it's not all rubbish celebs. I did once see Gwyneth Paltrow at Heathrow with her very cute daughter. She was remarkably tall and beautiful.

I get really excited too - even by the rubbish ones. I really like blokey from Grumpy Old Men so enjoyed that. It's just a little sparkle, especially in London where everyone is so anonymous.

Chris said...

Chris House here. You don't believe my Jacques Chirac sighting?!