Friday, June 30, 2006


A couple of Labour bloggers, Antonia Bance and Kerron Cross, are having a bit of a spat at the moment which started with a discussion about All Women Shortlists but it now seems to have developed into a discussion about class and how it is defined.

My background is solidly working class. My dad was a bus inspector and my mum a housewife. We lived in a council house in an area of Glasgow which is one of the most deprived. I went to the local comprehensive. I had two holidays before the age of 18 because that's all my parents could afford.

I then went to University (only one of three from my year at school) and immediately got a job working for the Conservative Party. I left there after five years and got a job in a charity. My salary now is almost 3 times what my dad earned when he was made redundant - although I still can't even consider buying a house. I live in a two-car family and go on good holidays - in the past three years I have been to Barbados, Kenya and Cuba. I like going out to dinner and the theatre. I would appear to be middle class.

So what am I? I don't know and that's one of the reasons I don't like categorising people by "class" - it doesn't take into account individual circumstances and ghettoises people in one of three very indiscriminate categories.

But I would like to know - background or current status, which is more important?

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Curly said...

Neither are important, what you aspire to is, and how you go about achieving your aspirations.

You are what you are, but have the ability to be what you dream of.