Friday, June 23, 2006

Graham Poll - Send Him Home or Not?

On balance: Not.

We all make mistakes, sometimes bigger than others and to make such a major boo-boo in front of millions of people is a horror story. The embarrasment alone will be enough of a punishment.

It was a busy match, the Croats were being so stroppy that its not surprising he got flustered. Anyone would. I want to know where were the other officials, why didn't one of them pop up to say, handball, rugby tackle on Viduka, you've booked that bloke before and haw pal - there was a good goal there just as you blew your whistle. There are four officials, surely one of the assistants noticed the mistakes?

Send him home - no. But don't allow him to officiate at the final either. Accept that people make mistakes and don't resort to a blame culture.


Barry Beef said...

it is fantastic when bloggers actually start talking about something improtant, so congrats on turning the WC radar on, but I must disagree with you 100%. you have blogged all the things he did wrong but how can someone who books someone 3 times be tolerated????
embarassment is not enough by a long chalk. a public stoning strikes me as a more appropriate punishment. what a smeg

Louise said...

Okay gang. Let's never get on the right side of Barry.

I stand by what I say, but if Croatia had won and the Socceroos been eliminated I might have felt differently.