Friday, June 23, 2006

Refugee Week - Friday

Today I'm not going to focus on one particularly refugee who has made a difference to Britain. But instead the many thousands of "ordinary" people who do "ordinary" jobs and contribute to our country. The nurses, cleaners, shop-keepers, lawyers, accountants, businesspeople, journalists, authors, the 1,073 asylum seeker/ refugee doctors on the BMA database, scientists, the 1500 refugee teachers in the UK. And so many more.

Yes, there is a problem with unlimited immigration to the country. Yes, the South-East of England has too many houses and a lack of supporting infrastructure. Yes, asylum seekers who commit horrid crimes betray this country and the help they have received. BUT.

The vast majority of refugees who settle in Britain contribute to well-being of our country and we should focus on this and not the minority who shouldn't be here and try to approach the issue with a clear head.

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Francesca Gray said...

Well said.