Friday, June 30, 2006

Idiot SNP

I always knew SNP members were morons. Now there is conclusive proof. My poor dad came last in the Glasgow listings for the Scottish Parliament elections next year. He would make a better MSP than any of the rest particularly that bloody idiot Sandra White, now he'll just have to go out and win Glasgow Shettleston First Past the Post.

He knew he was never going to get elected, but bottom of the pile is just rubbish.

I am very narked off.


Bel said...

Just stumbled on this blog. Keep up the good work. I shall be returning from time to time.

Ellee Seymour said...

Louise, I sympathise. My father stood for a council seat once as a Cons in a Labour stronghold and lost by 32 votes, I was very proud of him.

Tell your dad not to give up.

Louise said...

Hi Bel, Thanks for dropping in.

Ellee - I am the only one upset about my dad's ranking. He thoroughly expected it and I think my mum would have gone mad if there was the slightest chance of him being elected to the Parliament. He is standing for council though and will likely be elected there.