Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm Baffled

Fair enough, that's a fairly regular state of mind for me. Things baffle me on a regular basis. But I am now totally baffled. A barrister has admitted filming up girls' skirts for the purpose of collecting and cataloguing the images. Yet the judge orders that he be found not guilty. I admit, I'm no legal expert, but it seems to me that he should be found guilty of SOMETHING, I don't know what, but that isn't normal behaviour and shouldn't be treated as such.

His defence, and a spectacularly succesful one at that, was that his family like collecting things. So do mine, when I was a kid I collected rubbers (the eraser kind!) and now I like bookmarks from where-ever I visit, my mum likes little china thimbles and my dad collects paper-knifes. Darren collects ceramic piggy banks. These are normal (if geekish) collections, it is not normal to collect video-taped images of up girls skirts.

Perhaps there's a good legal reason, but I'd love to hear it. I may have to start collecting money from banks. My family has a tradition of liking to count money.

Read more here and let me know if you can ease my bafflement.

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