Friday, April 14, 2006

Moray By-Election

The Moray by-election to elect a replacement for the late, much missed Margaret Ewing will be held on 27 April and the handbags are coming out. The SNP are accusing the Conservatives of playing dirty by claiming that Mary Scanlon is the natural successor to Margaret.

I must admit to having some feelings of unease about some of the language in the Conservative material that has been published on the website. It does seem that the tactics employed by Mark McInnes (in charge of the Scottish Conservatives, still behaves like a YC) are slightly distasteful. You know the kind of thing - Margaret was a dear friend, I want to be just like Margaret, I'll be a bonnie fechter for Moray. Nothing wrong as such and just ever so slightly nauseating. I hope she loses, I hope she loses big and that her arrogance in giving up her seat in the Scottish Parliament will be repaid in spades.

And just for the record - even if she was a good friend of Margaret, Margaret would still want her to lose.

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