Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen 3

Thirteen Things about things that make me rant.
Lot's of things upset me greatly, but these are the little niggly things that are bound to set me off in a ridiculous rant

1 Weather forecasts from outside. We don't need some idiot bint standing shivering in a field somewhere to tell us that it's cold. We know. Stop sending weather forecasters outside - this is especially aimed at BBC Breakfast News
2 Tail-Gating Drivers. Really there's no need to drive so close to me. It's rude, it's aggressive and I'll just drive slower until you back off buddy.
3. Cyclists. Not all cyclists, some are great. But there is a certain number of them who seem to think the roads are their private kingdoms. Use hand signals, stick to the side of the road and for the love of all that is good and proper, don't drive three abreast on a country lane. And start paying road tax.
4. ID Cards. Why do I need a piece of plastic with all my biometric data on some computer somewhere? Don't give me the "if you're not guilty of anything, you've got nothing to hide" codswallop. If you are an innocent person why should you have to answer for your legal actions. Government's should be accountable to the people, not Vice Versa!
5. Bloody Vegetarians. Ok, ok, you've made a health/moral choice and I accept that. Just don't ram it down my throat. Whenever you have a vegetarian over for a meal they make a big thing of making sure you know their preferences. Next time I go to a vegetarian's for a meal they'll know that my preference is a nice juicy, rare steak.
6. Rude Shop Assistants. Is it so hard to say please and thank you? I know what it's like to work in a busy supermarket on a Saturday afternoon when everyone is a bit frazzled. But I always said please and thank you, and that's all I expect.
7. Bird Flu. Don't get me wrong, I believe that it exists, but really, why are we all in such a flap about it? It has killed what 200 people across the world. 200 out of 6 BILLION. I'm more worried about normal flu, or AIDS, or the growth of the measles because parents have refused to have their kids vaccinated. Let's get a little perspective here please.
8. Furry Letterboxes. Political campaigners will be with me on this one. When you are trying to deliver leaflets and letterboxes have a furry draught excluder on them which makes it impossible to pop a leaflet through them.
9. Smug Celebrities. Everyone is entitled to their views, everyone is entitled to tell us their views. Celebrity endorsement is great for raising attention to difficult causes. But we don't have to take the words of celebrities as the gospel. It isn't it is their opinion. And having your baby in Africa does nothing to alleviate poverty Angelina Jolie. Bugger off and leave the Namibians alone.
10. American Spellings. Nothing wrong with that in America. I'm not in America though and we use s's not z's here. It's organisation in Britain. And the funny thing with the dates doesn't cut it either, 1st December is 1/12 not 12/1. (Sorry to all the Americans who visit, I do love your country but not this aspect invading British life).
11. My Own Clumsiness. There's only so often you can hit yourself on the head with a phone without getting annoyed with yourself.
12. People Who Call at 5.05pm. Come on guys, it's five past five. I need to leave in five minutes to catch my train. Is it really so important that it can't wait til tomorrow at 9? And then I get mad at myself for answering the damn phone.
13. Pete Doherty. The guy should be in jail, or a serious rehab programme. Stop letting him get away with numerous criminal acts and get the guy some help. We're just sending out the signal that it's ok to be a junkie criminal as long as the media think you're a bit of a lad. It isn't, he's ill and he needs help.

Thankfully that's the 13 or I'll turn myself into a little tasmanian devil like ball of fury.

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Carmen said...

Sorry about the spelling thing ;) Bad drivers get me riled up, too.

My list

feedscott said...

No soup for you LOL


Alexia said...

My grip is computer tech support people. Why can't they at least have a clue what they are doing instead of just reading from a script? Great TT. Although, made me want to hit someone. hehe, just kidding.

Titanium said...

I enjoyed reading your list, as I am irritated by many of those things too. I had no idea, however, that 1st December was 1/12. I've never seen it typed/written like that until your post.

You guessed it, I'm an American. :)

Chana said...

Glad to see that the same stuff that pisses you off is the same exact crap that can send me off the deep end! I thought I was just crazy! I found it all very humourous!

Renee said...

I enjoyed your rants! LOL! And about the American thing...I think that "we" just wanted to be enough different to tick the Brits off.

However I knew a gal from England and she kept talking about "Propper Queen's English" and sometimes we couldn't understand a word she was saying. Then one day I was babysitting her littleone and listening to her I finally got it. THEY WERE SLURRING THEIR WORDS! The little one would talk slower and all her words were slurred. What's so propper about that...she sounds drunk!

Oh well. I'm glad that you enjoyed the interview with the pets and really glad that you stopped by.

Ames said...

too funny - I dated a Brit for a year and I used to say, "could you please repeat yourself in ENGLISH..." That used to get him so upset. I would often hear him say, "my country has been speaking English before your country was ever invented..." Invented? ok - he was a Southern Fairy and I laughed at him (not with him) often. Thanks for the laugh today. on 04/28/2006...:)

my list is up if you have a chance to stop by.

Norma said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Oooo. I love your "accent." But now you'll have to read my blog about being happy.

Tanya said...

Well said.

Agree with the spelling thing (am in Australia) - and the DATE thing drives me insane! Month-Day-Year just makes no sense!!

Disagree with road tax for cyclists, though.

Mama Kelly said...

im right there with ya on #7

lost more scaries out there right now

Scouser said...

Thank you for visiting my T13. Interesting list. I could probably use that entire list lol.