Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shock, Horror, Labour Bloggers

I'm linking to some blogs by Labour hacks. Not because I agree with them, but all three are consistently entertaining and quite often thought-provoking.

I especially enjoy Antonia Bance, half the time I nod sagely in agreement and half the time I grumble about just how wrong she is on the world. The truth as usual is probably somewhere in between our beliefs.

But enjoy all three...


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Councillor Bance is Oxfam's deputy director for its UK Poverty Programme? And since she joined Oxfam earlier this year, her allegiance to Labour has hardened, which calls into question the charity's own independence from party politics. I just hope the Councillor won't drag Oxfam into murky Labour politics.

Louise said...

I didn't know that, and don't particularly find it relevant.

I believe that the vast majority of people are professional enough to seperate personal and work life. And that most organisations are big enough not to be swayed by the opinions of individual employees.

Besides - Oxfam are hardly known for being a hot bed of right wing activity. One more Labour Party member on the staff is hardly likely to make a huge difference.