Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm not scared of terrorists, I'm scared of losing my liberties

So Britain is under attack again.

The first thing I have to say is congratulations and thank you to all the police and security services personnel who work so hard to keep us so safe. As an IRA operative once pointed out they (terrorists) only have to get lucky once, the security services have to be lucky all the time. We will never know how often we are protected by them and how much thanks we owe them.

We also know that terrorists are constantly planning against free nations like Britain and the US and sometimes attacks will be stopped and tragically sometimes they won't be. We also know that at times like this security measures have to be stepped up. And we accept that.

Up to a point.

If I were going on holiday today I would accept the hugely delayed flight, I would accept and participate as much as needed in the additional security measures. What I might not be too happy about is not being able to take hand luggage on or all the shops in the airport being closed. Are these measures really needed? Or are they panic and hysteria?

I am increasingly concerned about the response to the threat automatically being a clamp-down on civil liberties and freedoms. Threat to aeroplanes? Stop holiday makers taking chick-lit novels on their flight. Increased illegal immigration? Make everyone carry an ID card with their biometric data. Kids wearing the latest fashion commit muggings? Stop everyone wearing hooded tops and hats. The answer to any threat should never be to curtail the rights of the innocent.

More support and money for the police and security services would help more than money being spent on registering people on a database.

When terrorists attack our countries they don't only threaten our life, they threaten our way of life. In trying to protect us the government is helping the terrorists achieve their aims.


Candy Minx said...

Wasn't this incredible how they were caught. what a relief!!!

I can only imagine the horrible plan, but it was stopped, way to go MI5!!!!!!!!

Ghost said...

Here! Here! I'm one who don't think the police and security personnel don't get the kudo's and support they deserve.

e said...

I only heard about this when I got up this morning and switched on the morning news. Incredible... and I fully agree with you! Our security services DO need more assistance, and at the rate we're going, our governments will eventually shut down our countries and just send out invitations to come blow up this or that; it'll just be easier. :\