Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weight Loss

I'm taking the plunge and finally going to knuckle down to a proper diet and exercise regime. Starting tomorrow, I have one last bar of chocolate to get out of my system I think.

I have kicked around diets for a few years now but always find it easy to give up. But I weigh about 3.5-4 stones more than I would regard as healthy - and about 5.5 stones more than the arbitrary "ideal weights" you can see in magazines. I don't want to become some skinny malink, but for the sake of my health (currently not suffering, but that can't last for ever) I really have to lose the weight.

I'm going to blog about this semi-regularly in the hope that actually writing down my achievements and admitting when I fall off the wagon will help to focus my mind a little.

Wish me luck.....


Jo said...

Good luck! It's hard but incredibly satisfactory when you start to lose weight.

Louise said...

Thanks Jo. Actually, it was reading and commenting on your posts on Weight Watchers that has motivated me to write about this, so cheers.