Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about what's lurking in my handbag

1 Keys - office, car, home all on the one key chain or I'd lose them all
2. Purse - with credit cards, but no cash
3. Travelcard - bless my employers for the interest free loan they give staff, I now save about £200 a month on travel
4. MP3 player and headphones - needs charging as always
5. Half finished Sudoku book
6. Book to read on the train - currently "Cafe Tropicana" by Belinda Jones. Excellent chick-lit breezy read
7. Glasses cleaner - but no matter how often I use it, my glasses are still really mucky
8. More pens than I will ever use
9. A pencil with a rubber on the end - for the half-finished Sudoku book obviously
10. Estate Agent details of houses - we're thinking of buying and I was supposed to make arrangements to see these houses over a week ago. Ooops
11. Mobile phone
12. Half a packet of extra strong mints - for morning mouth
13. Hairclips - I have a habit of taking my clips out on the train and just chucking them in my bag

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The GateKeeper said...

First of all your purse sounds very big. LOL. This is my first TT, hope I'm doing this right. Have a wonderful day.

The GateKeeper said...

Sorry, if this is a duplicate comment. I'm not sure if I'm actually showing up in the comment section. Anyhow, like I said the first time, this is my first TT and I hope I'm doing this right. You have a nice day now.

Something's Missing said...

Actually, you have a pretty practical purse! I think one of the odder things I have toted around was toothpaste that melted...I left it in the car.

My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Happy Thursday!

Ellee Seymour said...

13 isn't a very lucky number today, if you are superstitious, juding by the terrorist threat at our airports.

I am sailing away from Southampton tomorrow for 2 weeks, not sure if the threat will spread to ports. Thank God the intelligence managed to discover the threat in time.

I hope to come back from my hols a little bit better at Suduko.

Ardice said...

How big is your purse? *hehehe* Mints and pens are always a must.

My list is up. Have a wonderful day...

Carmen said...

i think i'm the only woman in the world that carrys as small of a purse as she can with as little in it as possible. :)

benson659 said...

Your purse sounds like mine :) I always carry a book and/or my PSP b/c I always end up waiting for my husband at work - tehe

My TT #4 is up

Lyn said...

Lurking is the word? Will they scare you if you forget they are there? lol Thanks for visiting my T13 - Classic Books I've Never Read Edition at Bloggin' Outloud. lgp

YellowRose said...

Carry a big handbag too huh? lol

Happy Thursday!

Ghost said...

I wish that was all that was lurking in my purse. ;) Cheers.

Lisa said...

LOL I have all kinds of junk in my purse too. But I MUST always have a chapstick within reach or else I get all antsy. (Addicted much? heh)

have a good thursday!

Happy Mama to Three said...

EEEK let's not even look in my purse. That is a scary thing. Though the purse is a cute new Dooney just no peeking inside.


Thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

Man that is one heck of a handbag!! Great TT.
Mine is up!! 2 cents said...

Great list!! I never know what I'll find in my purse either!

Hope you had a great Thursday!

LaShawn said...

My glasses are beyong help. They stay dirty!