Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is It Really Thursday Already?

Thirteen Things about Louise

Thirteen charities/causes I support. Let me know about your favourite causes, we can probably all learn something today.

1 Born Free Foundation - because animals belong in the wild, not behind bars.
2 Amnesty International - because human rights matter
3 SURF - a charity which helps survivors of the Rwandan genocide
4 RSPB - we must protect and understand the wildlife around us
5 NO2ID - we don't need ID cards and we shouldn't just accept them being foist upon us
6 National Trust - let's be proud of our heritage
7 Aegis Trust - because genocide is still happening today
8 The Conservative Party - for the most part
9 Crusaid - helping people with AIDS at home and abroad (I will do the walk for life next year)
10 MS Scotland - am actually not involved very much, but my mum and dad both are
11 RTCW - helping children with life-threatening illness fulfil their dearest wishes
12 Radio Lollipop - providing entertainment for children in hospital
13 Holocaust Memorial Day Trust - if we are to stop atrocities happening in the future, we must learn from the past

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nyasha said...

very good list! I have worked for NGOs all my life and i used to also do ingathering when i was in college for charities. It is great that you are such a supporter.

Carmen said...

I support the humane society and my church

Bev said...

I've always done whatever I can do for Defenders of Wildlife at Happy Thursday 13. Cheers.

Knitting Maniac said...

The American Red Cross and our church's various ministries.

Karen said...

wow- great list. you're right, I did learn something today. another I always support is the Shriners- they paid for my son's surgery way back in the day...

Margaret said...

Great lists of Orgs! I now do what I can to support Breast Cancer since my Mother was inflicted. These are really great causes.

Lyn said...

Ah, some good charities. I give blood, not money, to the Red Cross. lol My T13 - Ice Breakers Edition - is up at Bloggin' Outloud. Thanks! lgp

Froggie said...

Wow... good list. I haven't heard of very many of those, but you have definetely sparked my interest in them. I support the fundraising for breast cancer research and MS research... both which have touched my family.

Thanks for stopping by.

K T Cat said...


This is a GREAT list. It will really help me find my next World of Good post. Check it out. I'd love to have you (and anyone else) join our WOG Squad. Drop me a line if you'd like.

My TT is up.

Write From Karen said...

All very good causes!

I'm a pretty devote supporter of Children's Miracle Network. My oldest was 8 weeks premature so I can truly appreciate the work they are doing to save preemies.

Have a great day!

Christine said...

What a great idea for a T13! I might just have to borrow it!!

I support JDRF, Juvenille Diabetic Research Foundation.
Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I havne't actually heard of many of those, very interesting.
Just another TT'er coming on by

Natsthename said...

Excellent list and a great way to spread the word!

I'm checking out some of these!

e said...

I'd not heard of some of those charities. I LOVE Ronald McDonald House and the Starlight Foundation charities. You can *never* do enough for the kids.

Laura said...

my favorite charities are March of Dimes and Sidelines as well as my church.
some interesting organizations and missions here. thanks for sharing. thank you also for visiting my tt this week.

Titanium said...

I support Amnesty International and breast cancer research.

Good list. :)

Kailani said...

It's great that you participate in helping others. I really should do more of that. Happy T13 and thanks for stopping by.

Paul Burgin said...

I like the list
Although No 8 has a lot to be desired! ;)

TC said...

Great list! I did a lot of vollunteer work for a few charities when I was in college. I really enjoyed it.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

A lot of good going on there :-) We've a lot of other ones here in Sweden, but I also support the humane society and another special horse sanctuary (Redwings) in England.

Missi said...

Very good list! I support
St Judes and the American Cancer

Happy TT!!